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Yield Trust brings new features to DeFi

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Our group of crypto enthusiasts from Sweden are happy to introduce you to a decentralized finance application we have been working on since August 2020. Our goal is to bring the best of yield farming and combine it with new features instead of making another copycat.

Briefly, we developed a system to reduce market manipulation with monetary proxy by applying restrictions to whales and people who want to dump a lot of tokens.

We will also offer our users to choose between insured pools farming and regular. Regular pools accept Uniswap liquidity tokens as well as insured pools, but using insured pools you receive cover tokens for the liquidity pair. The greatest thing about these cover tokens is that it is possible to withdraw them anytime for a stable liquidity rate.

Token Distribution

Total supply: 30000 $YTRU

Team: 1000 $YTRU (3.3%)
Farming: 19000 $YTRU (63 %)
Team: 1000 $YTRU (3.3%)
9000 $YTRU (30%)
1000 $YTRU (3.3%)

Our team will receive a total of 1000 $YTRU overtime (20 months). Most tokens will be distributed through farming and other ecosystem Dapps.
33.3 % of total supply is gonna be allocated through a presale and referral program. Token presale date is going to be announced later.

Referral Program

For better marketing and to grow our community and trust around it we have built a Referral program.
Anyone can earn $YTRU for free just inviting their friends!
There are only 1000 tokens for referrers which are going to be distributed based-off points of each referrer.

Inviting a person give 1 point to referrer, but if this person participate in presale or add liquidity early extra points will be added:
2000 points per ETH for presale, 1000 points per ETH liquidity.

The program is simple. More active friends you invite — more points you receive — more tokens when the program ends.

More information can be found on our website ytru.finance/about
To participate in Referral program connect with your Metamask here: ytru.finance/invite

Keep updated and join us on social media
Telegram: ytru_finance
Github: Yield-Trust

Yield Trust Team | media@ytru.finance

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